(Re)building web presence: wordpress

The Cloud Formation Way

For the last couple of months I have wanted to try WordPress, and specifically the Amazon Cloud Formation template. I initially tried this from my iPad while on vacation but there are some … issues. It could probably be done but my would you be in for pain!

The process is slick and fast although you will need to already have a key pair installed and probably should know how to log into your instance afterwards. Note that the default instance size is m1.small which is likely overkill for your test site.


After confirming that wordpress looked like the right tool for the job I really don’t want to have yet another instance … the monthly fees do add up … so how about installing on my existing instance. This looks easy:

  • make sure you have mysql php and a web server
  • download the tarball to web root
  • follow the install instructions

It gets a little tricky if you happen to be using nginx … in that case you probably want to also consult these:


I would post a link to the result … but you are looking at it ;)


In the process stumbled on https://www.digitalocean.com/ which seems to be trivially cheap in comparison to EC2 … likely a future post


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