Microcorruption uctf

A fried alerted me to one of the hackaday CTF games: microcorruption.com. I think every programmer, nay anyone using a computer, should play this!

Well, ok so this spoke to my obsessive nature and I really wish something this cool had existed when I was young, poor, and had the spare time to engage in some real hacking. Not that any of us did. Ever.

I admit it speaks to obsessive personalities and you probably won’t make it past the first 5 or so levels unless you have that obsessive streak, but even if you don’t: it’s a GAME. It has LEVELS. It TRAINS you and levels get progressively harder. And it has this cool hall of fame that shows you how much better you did than everyone else. And if you finish the tutorial and the first level you are already in the top 50% :)

And there’s lots of people playing it so you *can* get help if you ask. In fact it’s so popular that people are creating mods / tools / plugins to play this game:

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