Looking for galleries (2)

Spent a little more time today trying to figure out how to make the gallery thing work. It’s weird, hoarding pictures seems like one of the most common things people do: snap a million pictures, scribble some notes on them to remember where they were taken, laugh about the most compromising ones with friends and make a couple of prints of some special ones for the dresser …

… yet there seems to be practically nothing decent out there to do this with.

Here is what I figure the deliverables for common photo hoarding should be:

  1. Easy to get pictures out of camera
  2. Easy to bulk caption pictures
  3. Easy to do the basic cleaning operations (rotate, crop, red-eye, white balance)
  4. Easy to organize pictures
  5. Easy to share pictures with everyone, ideally on the couch, yours or theirs
  6. Easy to embed them into other projects
  7. Easy to back up.
  8. Not subject to changes in web software version or at least in a data format that’s easy to bulk re-ingest somewhere else.

Photo-albums  - you know, paper and stuff – can do 2,4, 5 and 8. Slides can’t actually do any of the above.

Digital age to the rescue … you’d think …

Facebook, the biggest photo sharing site out there, can do 1,2 and 5. Picasa can do 1-3, 5, and maybe 6 and 7. I haven’t looked at flickr but I suspect it’s going to be similar.

As for offerings that a normal person can install on an amazon or digital ocean instance … gallery/gallery 2 will do 1, 2, 4, and 5 but is a nightmare of bugs. WordPress can do 1 and 5, but unless you are Steve Jobs and don’t believe anyone needs folders it’s probably no good for more than about 5 pictures, not to mention that apparently the code changes so much between versions that it’s a FEATURE of the plugin system to collect user reports on what plugin works with what version.

Why is this so hard?!? And I am not talking about building lightboxes, which is hard but basic fuctionality.

So where am I at now?

Sigh …

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