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The Imperial 8

As you may know I row. Well, mostly I scull, but for this year’s end-of-year event in Victoria, BC, the Head of the Gorge race, we decided to dress up and row an 8. So far that’s been a fairly good experience … we have costumes, we have airline tickets, we have hotel rooms … and even the boat works well enough for a bunch of people just thrown together.

Well, I hit a snag today when I made the suggestion to match our blades to our costumes. And then spent an inordinate amount of time today dealing with the insanity that is club politics. In the process we were discussing spinning of a separate club, just for the purpose of that race, so we could break the “club colors” rule: 2013 rowing canada racing rules, section 6.5. This was the proposed photo for the club president:

- Please recheck your ID(s).
- If you are showing a private album, check that the "Retrieve Photos From" option is set to "User's Private Album" and that the Authorization Key is correct.

Of course reading rules is a dangerous thing … apparently (according to section 6.2 of the same rules) if all rowers are from the same club the can wear whatever they want as long as everyone is wearing the same thing … if rowers are from different clubs they must wear singlets. Who write these things? More on this after races …